Display stands

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Draw attention to your product

Display stands are one of the easiest ways to present products in an interesting way. The materials used in the production of a display stand determine its name. Cardboard display stands are usually referred to as cardboard displays or laminated displays. By adding another type of material: wood, plastic, metal, we obtain POS Materials offered by TFP Grafika.

Making a product stand out on store shelves or display stands, which can also be used as shelves, can significantly increase sales. TFP Grafika has already developed many display stands for its clients, which has contributed to the sale of their products. We offer modern, original designs and ensure the practicality of our displays stands.

Cardboard displays – let’s focus on durability

Cardboard displays, advertising display stands, or store display stands are different names for similar or even the same products. All of them usually share one process – lamination. It is lamination that transforms relatively fragile cardboard into an advertising medium worthy of the latest trends. It also makes it very durable. How do we verify it? Prototypes are tested for durability to meet all requirements. With our extensive experience, we expect our clients to trust us – we select the right cardboard, flute, and number of layers.

TFP Grafika produces cardboard displays starting with cardboard lamination – the entire technological process in one company – this ensures the highest quality for our clients.

Durable display stands

Advertising display stands that can replace store shelves

Advertising display stands often replace store shelves. It is not just about the visual effect, but also the durability of the structure (more details in section: Laminated packaging). Our designers adapt the solution to the product displayed in both visual and practical terms. We offer support in matters related to the functioning of advertising display stands, which is supported by many years of experience.

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