Litho-laminated packaging

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Build your brand awareness

Litho-laminated packaging products are basic exhibition elements used to build brand awareness on store shelves. Their greatest advantages are versatility and durability, which makes it possible to use them successfully as display elements even for extended periods of time.

The high quality of our laminated packaging puts us at the forefront of Polish producers. We offer products designed based on experience and strict quality standards with consideration for environmental safety. Our creative team of graphic artists and designers focuses not only on the crucial visual aspects, but also on functionality. The laminated packaging products offered by TFP Grafika stand out on the market not just because of their appearance, but also the versatility of their application. We produce in accordance with the BRC standard – a set of recommendations and guidelines for companies that operate in the food industry. The BRC certification guarantees the high quality and safety of our food packaging products for consumers.

One could say that the production of laminated packaging is our everyday life, but every project brings in new challenges. Every day we work for the largest companies, which makes us certain that we can meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.

What is lamination?

Lamination is a process that strengthens (refines) regular packaging and enhances its properties. The lamination mechanism consists in joining several layers of cardboard with a top layer, which is usually offset printed paperboard or paper.

It is the use of offset printing that ensures such high quality of our printouts and gives us the option of adding shine (refining varnish can be used for offset printing). Using refinements in the form of varnishes is a great way to distinguish your product and emphasize its uniqueness. Our offset printer allows for the use of six docking stations, i.e. it prints in six different colors at the same time, which lets us produce large volumes at an express pace.

Laminated cardboard enables the display of goods in a new and original way, which also affects the recognition of products and packaging.

Litho-laminated packaging products (i.e. laminated boxes) build brand awareness.

Laminated packaging products, commonly referred to as laminated boxes, are one of the basic elements used to build the visual identity of a brand. They can be used not only for transporting products, but also for properly displaying and differentiating them from the competition.

Laminated packaging products can be used for both transportation and proper display of products. They come in various shapes and sizes. They can also be unfolded and used as components of your exhibition.

We build the brands of our clients

Brand building is a difficult and time-consuming process, which is why at TFP Grafika we share our experience and help our clients build their brands. In the era of ubiquitous competition, it is important to have a partner who knows how to build a brand, increase its recognition, and make it stand out from the crowd. As a team we offer an unconventional approach and unique designs. Everything to be one step ahead of the competition.

Increase awareness

Printed packaging (i.e. cardboard boxes with print)

Printed packaging products, printed cardboard, or paperboard boxes are different names used for laminated packaging. Regardless of what we call them, it all comes down to one product – offset printed laminated cardboard, which, as already mentioned, ensures high, repeatable quality.

Printed cardboard packaging should stand out from the competition, that is why we offer original designs and a non-standard approach. We build the reputation of TFP Grafika on exceptional quality.

Cardboard displays

We offer cardboard displays as excellent exhibition elements, ranging from simple to very complex designs, with the appearance and durability of harder materials. We have convinced numerous clients that our cardboard displays are capable of carrying heavy loads and can be transported together with the products. We implement complex projects on a daily basis, and the impossible is just another challenge.

All things cardboard

Laminated cardboard – types.

Laminated cardboard is a semi-finished product used for the production of laminated packaging, which has a direct impact on its quality and durability. There are several types of laminated cardboard depending on its structure – they are distinguished by the number of layers and the height of the flute (which is responsible for the thickness of the cardboard). The division is as follows:

Three-layer cardboard

Cardboard consisting of three layers of paper – two flat layers and a corrugated layer. We offer three-layer cardboard with four types of flutes:

  • B flute – 2.3-3.2 mm in height
  • E flute – 1.2-2 mm in height
  • F flute – 0.6-1.1 mm in height
  • N flute – approx. 0.6 mm in height

Our specialists advise on the selection of an optimal solution and recommend cardboard parameters depending on the order.

Five-layer cardboard

Five-layer cardboard consists of three sheets of plain paper and two corrugated layers. Five-layer cardboard is exceptionally durable, which is why it is used for heavier products and to construct display stands. Similarly to three-layer cardboard, it is categorized based on the type of flutes:

  • EB flute – approx. 5 mm in height
  • NF flute – 1.2-1.7 mm in height
  • FE flute – 3.0-3.2 mm in height

We know how to boost your sales!

As already mentioned, POS materials are part of BTL (Below The Line) advertising, i.e. they are used outside the mass media and reach consumers directly. The popularity and role of displays is constantly growing, as it is often the only way to stand out from the competition. In order to get the attention of customers, it is necessary to use more and more sophisticated and surprising forms of direct advertising and encourage impulse buying. It is undeniable that we buy with our eyes, which is why products and their appropriate display significantly affect sales and the perception of potential buyers.

A marketing campaign in retail chains can significantly increase sales if properly planned and supplemented with relevant POS materials. We provide clients with our entire experience and support in the selection of appropriate display stands.

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