POS materials

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Build your brand awareness

POS materials are a modern approach to display elements, evolving into increasingly sophisticated, eye-catching forms. POS materials are also basic components of marketing activities referred to as BTL (Below The Line), which are directed at individual customers and do not use the mass media. The right display not only catches the eye but also builds brand awareness and sets it apart from the competition, which can significantly improve sales. Our POS materials have already been appreciated not only in Poland but also abroad. We offer original designs and combinations that draw attention and are practical.

Exhibition systems for trade fairs – the perfect way to present your brand.

We’re no stranger to product and brand presentation, which is why our offer also includes exhibition systems for trade fairs and other events aimed at increasing brand awareness in society. Experience gained in other areas results in the search for uniqueness and consistency in our products. We offer interesting designs using combinations of different materials.

Wooden displays – a “must have” for BIO products

We offer a comprehensive approach to POS materials, which is why we design them using various materials. Wooden displays are great for BIO and organic products. They are durable and sturdy, which makes them ideal for heavy products and certain complex shapes. Wood is easy to process and makes a good base for printing – yes, we also print on wood.

What does POSM mean?

POS (point of sale) or POSM (point of sale materials) – sales support materials. These names refers to the previously mentioned BTL materials. In Polish terminology the abbreviation POS is usually used, but some prefer POSM as more specifically related to materials.

We integrate various materials

Advertising stands do not have to all look the same.

Advertising stands clearly have a direct impact on the sale of products and services. Few would dispute that – however, there are different approaches to this advertising material among producers. We focus on quality, which we often emphasize, but quality should go hand in hand with unique appearance. Store racks look similar, but you can find something special in almost every single one. The use of various shapes and materials as well as interesting display design can determine the perception of a given product.

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